Hi! I'm Courtney Diamond and I'll be the one making all of your candles :)

I'm a self-employed writer, podcast creator/editor, and candle maker from San Diego, CA that's now living in Las Vegas, NV with my fiancé and our 2 dogs.

I started Diamond Glow Candle Co. in May of 2020 for a few reasons:

1) I've always loved candles and learned to make them while trying to stay safe and inside during this COVID-19 pandemic.

2) Like so many others, I was laid off because of the pandemic. But, it's alright. Difficult times always remind me that having ways to work for myself aren't just enjoyable, but necessary.

3) I wanted to create something useful and personalized that I could share with anyone who appreciates unique and handmade items.

I light candles in my home every night (because I can't get enough of good ambience), but I also realized that the candles weren't burning for very long and the scent didn't necessarily carry across the room.

I started buying unscented, cheap candles so that I could keep them around, but was missing out on candles that could really fill the space with good scents.


So, I decided to start making my own and making them exactly how I wanted them.

Now, I'm deciding to share them with you :)​

Visit the Shop page to custom order a candle, join the club where I send you four custom candles a month, or reach out to me if you have any more questions.

More candle options/sizes will be coming soon, so keep checking for updates.

Thank you for being here to see what I make :)

To learn more about me and the other services I offer (writing, audio/video editing/website creation/social media graphic creation), feel free to visit my main site:

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