​Tell Me More About the Candles


The candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and fragrances. No chemicals or additives are added.


Additives are normally added to candles to increase their firmness, prevent candles from losing their shape in warmer weather, increase the burn time of the candles, and to extend scent throw. 

I've opted not to use any. This is why the candles may appear to expand or shrink in the jar depending on the room. This is only a visual discrepancy and doesn't effect the way your candle burns.


Every candle is hand-poured and unique. Colors are added on request or your candle can just be pure soy. Colors tend to lean more pastel because of the nature of how soy wax holds color compared to its more toxic counterpart, paraffin (or petroleum) wax.


How Long Will It Take to Get My Candles?

I'm a small business of one person as opposed to Amazon Prime, so it will probably take more than 2 days for you to get your candles :) But, as soon as I get your order, I'll start making your order. If you request a scent that is not listed, it may take me a bit to source your fragrance, but I'll also get that process going ASAP.

Each candle takes at least 24 hours to cure and set, so I'll make sure to hold onto them until they're ready to handle the trip. Remember: I don't use any chemicals or additives to stabilize them, so they take a bit more time.


Long story short: the shipping times will vary a bit (depending on where you are), but once I get your order, I'm getting to work on it. Always feel free to email me if you'd like to know the status of your custom candle. 

​​Where Do the Candles Ship From?


Diamond Glow is located in Las Vegas, NV. I'm willing to ship candles anywhere in the U.S.

How Did You Choose Your Prices?

I choose the price of the candles based on how much it is to purchase wax, fragrance, color dye for the candles, jars, shipping, and time spent to make them for you.


I opt to add a bit more fragrance oil to your candle to extend their scent throw, rather than add chemicals and additives.

Prices may adjust if any of those factors change and as I offer more options in the future. Your first purchase is 10% off when you create an account on the site :)

Can I Request a Fragrance or Color That I Don't See on the Site?​ 

You can! Send me a message or email through the Contact page and I'll see what I can do. 

If there are any particular candles that you'd like to see available regularly on the site, I'd love the feedback.

Thanks for your support!

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